Buddy Whittington & Santiago Campillo, Homage to Texas Blues Legends, Guests: Mauri Sanchis and Ñaco Goñi

Saturday July 27th
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Buddy Whittington & Santiago Campillo
Homage to Texas Blues Legends
Guests: Mauri Sanchis y Ñaco Goñi

In its XX edition, Jazz San Javier, in a production of its own, got together Buddy Whittington and Santiago Campillo, two bluesmen, one from each side of the Atlantic, united by the same passion, guitar, blues, good taste and elegance when it comes to playing the classics. Buddy and Santiago are an explosive duo; on the stage of the festival they showed a symbiosis difficult to beat, yet their rapport not less noticeable in their memorable masterclass of San Javier Conservatory. Jazz San Javier assembles them again with a new and exclusive repertoire for this XXII edition, whose main theme will be to honor the Texas Blues Legends, such as Freddie King, Albert King, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan and others, accompanied by Oneida James (bassist Joe Cocker) on bass and José Ciudad on drums. As special guests, two great Spanish musicians, the prestigious keyboardist Mauri Sanchis, admired virtuoso of the Hammond organ, and one of the best harmonica players of Spain, Ñaco Goñi.


Buddy Whittington (singer and guitar)
Santiago Campillo (guitar and singer)
Oneida James (electric bass)
José Ciudad (drums)
Mauri Sanchis (Hammond organ)
Ñaco Goñi (harmonica)


Mauri Sanchis

Ñaco Goñi

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