Fernando Rubio & The Inner Demons

Friday June 28th
PRICE 40 €


Fernando Rubio & The Inner Demons

A few years ago, Fernando Rubio performed with his band Ferroblues, in Jazz San Javier, a pleasant memory. Since then, his musical progression has been impressive, judging from his most recent album, the excellent “Cheap Chinese Guitar”. Blues, country, rock, soul, all of American roots, yet this artist born in Cartagena makes this music his own with great authenticity. Those who, like him, have loved and still love that music, we find in Fernando’s songs, echoes of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Band, The Jayhawks, very inspired compositions, which make us wonder how far could have this musician have got if he had developed his career in the US with the help of the once powerful American record industry? In any case, “Cheap Chinese Guitar” and the excellent band that accompanies him are a good reason to invite him back to the festival and enjoy the high level of these musicians from the Region of Murcia.


Fernando Rubio (singer, guitar and harmonica)
Joaquín Talismán (guitar and vocals)
Román García (bass and vocals)
Carlos Campoy (keyboards)
Paco del Cerro (drums and vocals)


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