Saturday July 20th
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Karen Souza

Argentinean singer Karen Souza is one of the freshest and most original artists we have heard in recent years. She has a surprising musical past in electronic music, chill house, deep house and roots in rock. Her first albums, “Essentials” and “Essentials II”, with fantastic jazz versions of songs by Radiohead, The Police, Lou Reed or Creedence Clearwater Revival, among others, revealed a vocalist with a magical ability to make come naturally diverse musical styles. Her two most recent albums, “Hotel Souza” and “Velvet Vault”, more focused on the jazz and with a romantic and luxury production, show us a great artist with a brilliant career ahead. It is a pleasure to welcome her for the first time in Jazz San Javier, accompanied by a group of first-rate jazz musicians.


Karen Souza (singer)
Jaume Vilaseca (piano)
Dick Them (double-bass, electric bass)
Ramón Díaz (drums)
David Pedragrosa (guitar)

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