Myles Sanko - Special guest: Vanessa Haynes

Wednesday July 17th
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Myles Sanko
Special Guest: Vanessa Haynes

Myles Sanko is a big name of the European soul music with an impressive professional advancement. Every year he gets more followers, France, Spain and the United Kingdom the countries where he is has most admirers. As it happened before the release of his album “Just Being Me” in 2016, whose main themes were presented at the festival, Myles Sanko will perform, also this time, a premiere at Jazz San Javier, with his band in full, a part of the themes of his new album, which will be released at the end of 2019. For the second part of the concert, an exclusive, specially designed for the festival at his request, with the participation, as a special guest, of one of the best female voices of European soul, Vanessa Haynes, main voice of the consecrated and legendary British soul band Incognito. Vanessa and Myles will perform several original duets together, for the first time on stage, and some versions of the soul classics.


Myles Sanko (singer)
Vanessa Haynes (singer)
Rick Hudson (drums)
Tom O'Grady (piano)
Phil Stevenson (guitar)
Jon Mapp (bass)
Gareth Lumbers (sax)
Sam Ewens (trumpet)


Vanessa Haynes

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