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XV San Javier International Jazz Festival 2012
Dorantes Cuarteto
SPECIAL GUEST: Esperanza FernÁndez

Dorantes’ piano is free, versatile and lively. With his first album Orobroy, a National Critic’s Award winner, he took flamenco to new horizons. With his second album Sur, also a National Critic’s Award winner, he drew closer to orquestral music and his virtous fingers took the piano to a whole new level. Sin Muros, his third album, edited by Universal Music, show us a wise Dorantes with full knowledge that music is an explosion of sanity, a momentary treaty with divinity and the only right answer to certain questions. In his debut in Jazz San Javier, in a quarted format and accompanied by guest artist Esperanza Fernández, one the best voices in new flamenco, Dorantes will prove, with no doubt, why is he one of the most prestigious international Spaniard musician.
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David Peña Dorantes (piano)
Esperanza Fernández (vocals)
Ricardo Moreno (acoustic guitar)
Estanislao Waflar (double bass)
Nano Peña (drums)
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