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XVI San Javier International Jazz Festival 2013
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Dhafer Youssef Quartet

It is difficult to describe with mere words the wonderful sensations which Dhafer Youssef was able to transmit in his debut in Jazz San Javier. Dhafer is master of the oud, an Arabic instrument which was the precursor to the European lute, he is also a talented vocalist and songwriter. He feasted our senses with the wisdom and spirituality of his Sufi inspired music, and the lyricism and intensity of his original take on jazz, which he combines with the musical traditions of Tunisia and Mediterranean sounds. To our delight, Dhafer is finally back , to present his new and completely renovated quartet and his new compositions. We impatiently await.

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Dhafer Youssef (vocals and oud)
Kristjan Randalu (piano)
Phil Donkin (double bass)
Chander Sardjoe (percussion)

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