11:15 P.M.

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Bassment Project

In its effort to offer aficionados the best musical talents in the world, Jazz San Javier has the pleasure of presenting in Spain the band Bassment Project, one of the most spectacular bands in the new European soul scene. Based in London, Bassment Project includes in its lineup ten of the youngest and most inspired musicians in the United Kingdom, led by singer and guitarist, Mike Davis, and bassist Phil Simmonds, both of whom are responsible for composing a large part of the group's repertoire. With magnificent voices, an extraordinary wind section, and a rhythm section with fantastic groove, the band sounds fresh, modern with great class, and is capable of uniting the musical tastes of several generations of aficionados. The future of soul is here, in Bassment Project

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Mike Davies (vocals and guitars)
Phil Simmonds (bass)
Alani Gibbon (vocals)
Luke Harris (drums)
Andre Brown (sax)
Chris Wintermeyer (trumpet)
Ed Mitchell (sax)
Joao Caetano (percussion)
Bubba McCarthy (keyboards)
Karme Caruso (keyboards)

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