9:30 P.M.
PRICE €15.00

Born in Barcelona in 1973, the Catalonian pianist Lluís Coloma is one of the most recognized European blues and boogie woogie pianists, and without a doubt one of the best pianist in Spain in said genres, and also in jazz, where Lluís is a consummated maestro. Jazz San Javier has had the luck of being able to enjoy his music in several editions, always to great success, and on this occasion he is invited in a format which we love, with his spectacular septet, which combines piano and Hammond organ with an impressive wind section, performing the music of New Orleans,rhythm & blues, boogie woogie..., an explosion of joy by one of the most admired pianist which is in his own right a Jazz San Javier icon.

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Lluís Coloma (Piano and Hammond Organ)
Manolo Germán (double bass)
Marc Ruiz (drums)
David Pastor (trumpet)
Jordi Prats (alto saxophone)
Marc Sort (tenor saxophone)
Jaume Badrenas (baritone saxophone)


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