9:30 P.M.
PRICE €18.00

Pink Turtle visited Jazz San Javier in 2011, offering one of the most unanimously praised concerts in the history of the festival; fun, with an undeniable musical quality, and with a great connection to the audience from the very first song, which generated a sense of magic which they were able to maintain throughout the whole concert. For that reason it is a pleasure to once again invite these fantastic French musicians who know perfectly well how to recreate the great songs of rock and world pop in a key of the very best jazz, an idea that seems simple, but that only a few exceptional artists, like the ones that make up Pink Turtle can pull off in such a successful way.

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June Milo (vocals)
Julien Sylvand (trumpet and vocals)
Patrick Bacqueville (trombone & vocals)
Pierre-Louis Cas (sax & vocals)
Jean-Marc Montaut (piano)
Laurent Vanhee (double bass)
Didier Ottaviani (drums)

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