9.30 P.M.
PRICE 15'00€
Our Spanish Heart
Featuring: Carles Benavent Trio + Antonio Serrano & Tomasito

A tribute to Armando Anthony Corea, also known as Chick Corea by Jazz San Javier and the some of the musicians in Spain most closely associated with him. Led by the illustrious bassist Carles Benavent, they will perform some of Corea's most inspired compositions, where the great master of Italian and Spanish ancestry expressed his passion for Spanish music and rhythms. Accompanying Carles Benavent will be the mastery of Antonio Serrano's harmonica, the dance and percussion of Tomasito, Roger Mas on piano, and Roger Blavia on drums and percussion.

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Carles Benavent (bass)
Antonio Serrano (harmonica)
Tomás Moreno Romero “Tomasito” (dance, percussion and vocals)
Roger Mas (piano)
Roger Blavia (drums and percussion)

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