11.00 P.M.

Winner of three Grammy Awards, the singer, guitarist and composer Kevin Rooselvelt Moore, known as Keb' Mo', is the king of post modern blues, a blues style influenced by other genres like folk-rock, jazz, pop and country. Born in Los Angeles to a southern family, he currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, one of the cities with the most effervescent music in the United States. Keb' Mo' left behind some great memories in his two previous visits to Jazz San Javier in 2008 and 2012, offering two of the best blues concerts in the history of the festival; he returns with new material, his albums The Reflection and Bluesamericana, plus his EP The Old Me Better, a very good reason to once again enjoy the most charismatic blues musician of our days and his splendid band.

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Keb' Mo' (vocals and guitars)
Michael B. Hicks (guitar and keyboards)
Stan Sargeant (bass)
Casey Wasner (drums)

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