11.00 P.M.

With thirty four published albums, eleven million sales and thirty nine years of history behind them, they are one of the most admired and respected jazz fusion bands on the planet. The band whose name originates from an algae named spyrogyra, was founded in 1977 in Buffalo, New York, and still includes two of its founders in the lineup, Jay Beckenstein and Tom Schuman, along with guitarist Julio Fernandez who has also formed part of the group for more than thirty years. In their first visit to San Javier in 2008 they offered an extraordinaty performance which was highlighted by their charm and gallantry both on, and off the stage. With three new albums since then: Down the Wire, A Foreign Affair and The Phineback Sessions and their classics, Spyro Gyra is a sure bet for good music.

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Jay Beckenstein (sax)
Tom Schuman (piano and keyboards)
Scott Ambush (bass)
Julio Fernández (guitar)
Lee Pearson (drums)

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