Born in Ferrol (A Coruña) and musicaly brought up in between cities like Seville, Malaga and Madrid, that’s why he says that he is "Galician by birth but Andalusian by adoption", Pepe Bao is one of the best bassist ever in Spain. Known as the founder of the Sevillian band O'Funkillo, he has also shared the stage with groups such as Barón Rojo, Obus, Medina Azahara and Raimundo Amador. He is the winner of the Music Award for the best alternative group 2006. Winner for several years of awards that accredit him as the best national electric bass player or prized at the ‘Cante de las Minas’ festival in 2013 as best flamenco instrumentalist, Pepe Bao is an institution in our country. This year 2018 he presents his new album "Ande Bass", in which jazz, rock and flamenco go hand in hand, with an exceptional band of young and talented musicians, with the special collaboration for this occasion of the electric guitarist Jaco Abel and the flamenco singer and percussionist Joselín Vargas.

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Pepe Bao (electric bass)
Jorge Vera (piano)
Jaco Abel (electric guitar)
Joselín Vargas (percusion and voice)
Miguel Lamas (drums)


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