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XV San Javier International Jazz Festival 2012
Dayna Kurtz

Dayna Kurtz, is a singer, guitarist composer and writer from New Jersey who lives New York, and has produced a series of formidable albums, and has won the recognition of the critics and the devout admiration of numerous fans throughout the world, evidenced by the fact that her last two albums were financed through donations by her admirers on her artist website. With an impressive voice which at times reminds us of Nina Simone or Betty Carter, Dayna Kurtz wisely mixes elements from jazz, folk and country music. In her debut in Jazz San Javier she will present her new album Secret Canon Vol. 1 a compilation of forgotten jazz and soul treasures from the 50s and 60s, along with some of her best compositions.
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Dayna Kurtz (vocals, guitar)
Peter Vitalone (piano and hammond organ)
Dave Richards (bass)
Randy Crafton (drums)
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