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XV San Javier International Jazz Festival 2012
Dana Fuchs

With an intense presence on stage and a raspy voice unlike any we've heard since Janis Joplin, Jazz San Javier is honored to present to all fans of rock, blues and soul, Dana Fuchs, one of the revelations of the past few years. Raised in Florida, but hardened on the stages of New York, Dana is a phenomenon on stage, in addition to her beauty and sensuality, she gives herself to every performance like her life depended on it, much the same as her band, who are almost as wild as she is. We impatiently await her performance.
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DANA FUCHS JULy 13th 2012
Dana Fuchs (vocals)
John Diamond (guitar and choruses)
Walter Laturpeirissa (bass)
Piero Perelli (drums)
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