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XV San Javier International Jazz Festival 2012
Travellin’ Brothers Big Band

Throughout history, the great blues musicians have had a close relationship with riversides and deltas. Travellin' Brothers is no exception. Formed in Leioa, Vizcaya, on the shores of the Estuary of Bilbao, they were heavily inspired by the Nervion River and its industrial character. With a trajectory that spans 3 albums and more than 350 concerts, they now offer one of the most ambitious projects in the history of blues in our country, accompanied by a fantastic Big Band, inspired by the classics bands of Count Basie, Duke Ellington or Cab Calloway, and in the modern ones of Brian Setzer or Colin James, featuring wonderful arrangements by Alain Sancho, the saxophonist of the band.
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Jon Kareaga (vocals)
Aitor Cañibano (guitars)
Eneko Cañibano (bass and double bass)
Ander Unzaga (piano and keyboards)
Isi Redondo (drums)
Alain Sancho (alto and tenor sax)
Alfonso Masach (trumpet) Carlos Escudero (trombone)
Estibaliz Ruiz (violin and vocals)
Itziar Castrillo (saxo alto)
Julen Izarra (tenor sax)
Alfontso Vila (baritone sax)
Javi Pérez (trumpet)
Juanan Díez (trombone)
Juan Carlos Ribelles (tuba)
Izar Herran (acoustic guitar and vocals)
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