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XV San Javier International Jazz Festival 2012
Luis Salinas Cuarteto

Five years without Luis is too long for the San Javier Jazz Festival, not only because San Javier has seen some of this Argentinean musical genius’ most brilliant concerts, but also because he is one of our spectator’s most beloved and admired artists. Few will be surprised to learn that our festival considers him to be on the best two or three guitarists in the world, and who is not only a virtuoso, but also a great human being who leaves his mark wherever he goes. In his return he will be joined by two exceptional musicians, pianist José Reinoso and double bass player Horacio Fumero. A concert which represents the pure essence of the San Javier Jazz Festival.
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Luis Salinas (vocals, guitar)
José Reinoso (piano)
Horacio Fumero (double bass)
Nicolás Correa (drums)
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