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XVI San Javier International Jazz Festival 2013
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pedro iturralde cuarteto

Saxophonist and composer Pedro Iturralde Navarro is a living legend of Spanish jazz and he is, along with Tete Montoliu, the epitome of the pioneers who started the jazz movement, almost from scratch in our country. Main founder of the Flamenco-Jazz style, Pedro Iturralde is presently one of most respected jazz figures in Spain. Jazz San Javier will pay him tribute by awarding him with this year's Festival Award. The venerable master musician will leave, without any doubt, an unforgettable memory and a sample of his virtuosity and knowledge on stage as the great gentleman of jazz that he is, as he did on his previous visit to our festival.

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Pedro Iturralde (saxes y clarinet)
Mariano Díaz (piano)
Richie Ferrer (double bass)
Carlos Carli (drums)

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