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XVI San Javier International Jazz Festival 2013
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judith mateo

The amazing violinist Judith Mateo, to most people the most prominent star of Celtic Folk Rock in our country, and a rising star in Europe, debuts in Jazz San Javier with a stunning band, in which includes two former members of the prestigious rock band ‘Mago de Oz’, flutist Fernando Ponce de León and keyboards player Sergio Cisneros. The festival opts, once again, for the greatest Spanish musicians, who have nothing to envy to the best in Europe, as is the case of Judith Mateo, who received classical musical instruction and had a long educational period in Ireland and will make us enjoy her peculiar fusion of Rock and Celtic music.

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Judith Mateo (violín)
Danny Doyle (vocals)
Fernando Ponce de León (flute and bagpipe))
David Pedregosa (guitar)
Sergio Cisneros (keyboards)
Ricardo Esteban (bass)
Chuchi Crespo (drums)

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