9.30 P.M.
PRICE 15'00€
GUESTS: Jerry GonzÁlez & Montse CortÉs

"I think flamenco, bolero, jazz, soul, and Cuban music are really the same music; the emotion, the heart, the weariness they speak of, are the same, they have the scent of the streets, that's why flamenco, which is a diversified musical style, has no borders." These are the beautiful words of Enrique Heredia "Negri", which perfectly define his music; pure emotion which easily transitions between genres, and goes straight to the heart. On his third visit to Jazz San Javier, Negri will present some songs from Mano a Mano, probably the best album to have ever been recorded with Armando Manzanero's compositions, excluding the ones recorded by Armando himself. Alongside his special guests, trumpeter and percussionist Jerry González, and singer Montse Cortés, Negri will also perform a selection of his most important hits.

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Enrique Heredia (vocals)
Jerry González (trumpet and percussion)
Carlos Carmona (guitar)
Bandolero (percussion)
José María Cortina (piano)
José Miguel Garzón (bass)
Montse Cortés (vocals)

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