Maureen Choi

PATAX is a jazz fusion supergroup led by percussionist Jorge Pérez, a Spaniard born in Boston, who began his musical studies in Madrid, and expanded them at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music. This proyect is inspired by the music of Weather Report, Chick Corea Electric Band or Herbie Hancock, is also influenced by flamenco, especially the one closest to jazz like that of Paco de Lucía. With a spectacular live performance, twelve musicians on stage, the impressive singer Alana Sinkey, a magnificent wind section, and a percussion set rarely seen in Spanish jazz, PATAX will debut in Jazz San Javier with a lavish guest star, the North American violinist living in Spain Maureen Choi, who according to Rodey Whitaker is “the next great voice on the jazz violin”.

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Jorge Pérez (percussion)
Roberto Pacheco (trombone)
Raúl Gil (trumpet)
Marcos Collado (guitar)
Federico Lechner (piano)
Carlos Sánchez (bass)
Valentín Iturat (drums)
Alana Sinkey (vocals)
Lidón Patiño (dance)
Maureen Choi (violin)

Daniel Morales (timpanies and percussion)

Maureen Choi

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