One of the most admired pianist in jazz history, a living legend of contemporary music and pioneer and creator of what we today we know as Jazz-Funk or Jazz-Soul. Ramsey Lewis trascends any superlative and is today, after a six decade career, a reference point in jazz piano. Winner of three Grammy Awards, seven gold records and with 83 records to his name, Ramsey Lewis received the Jazz San Javier Award in its 9th edition. He has visited us on three occassions to great success, proving his unmatchable mastery and mannerliness. It is a great honor and satisfaction for this festival to receive him on our 20th aniverssary with the spectacular Electric Band, which includes the extraordinary guitarist Henry Johnson.

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Ramsey Lewis (piano)
Henry Johnson (guitar)
Tim Gant (keyboards)
Joshua Ramos (bass)
Charles Heath (drums)

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