11.00 P.M.
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The singer, composer and pianist Melody Gardot, born in Philadelphia, U.S.A., and who frequently declares herself a "citizen of the world", is one of the most admired artists in contemporary music, transcending the frontiers of jazz. The Spanish newspaper El País considers her "the goddess of world jazz", and the French newspaper Le Monde claims "Gardot is jazz, without being it, yet remains so". We find her to be mysterious and melancholic, a breath of fresh air which paradoxically, reminds us of the 50s and 60s in the deep south of the United States, the works of Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams. Her enjoyment of other cultures, her traveling curiosity brings a sophisticated and cultured accent to her compositions, and a magical charm to her voice, which places her amongst the greatest jazz singers of all time.

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Melody Gardot (vocals, guitar and piano)
Charles Staab (drums and vocals)
Mitchell Long (guitar and vocals)
Irwin Hall (saxophone)
Devin Greenwood (keyboards)
Sam Minaie (double bass)

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